Market Profile: Red House Design Studio



Green design is making its mark in our industry and we are jumping on board to make sure it is not just a passing trend. And what better place to do this, than at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market?
With our background in construction and education in design, we’ve seen how much construction hardwood and unwanted furniture is labeled trash and thrown away. We’ve seen piece after piece with the “Made in China” label on its underside. We thought it was time to bring it home, leading us to create Red House Design Studio, a place where we can come together and share what we love!
With a lot of imagination and a little sweat, we can give used or tossed out hardwoods a new life.
We provide a range of services including custom artwork and furniture, with a focus on eco-friendly materials and finishes, like reclaimed barnwood, organic milk paint, and raw tung oil.
So why the name Red House? At a crossroads and under the guidance of Jimi Hendrix, it became the person symbol of our future success and happiness, so “Excuse us while we kiss the sky.”
By Kelly Daszynski
Red House Designs Co-Founder
Sarasota Farmers Market Craft Vendor since 2012