OBVITA Organics

Phone #: 941.776.2753
E-mail: david@obvita.com
Address: 8007 122nd Ave EParrish, FL 34219
OBVITA Organics is locally owned and operated by David and Angela Harrison of Parrish, FL. Creators of almost 100 high quality hand-made organic cosmetics and body care products; Angela and David use only the finest quality organic ingredients to provide a 100% healthy alternative to a conventional industry that falls short of keeping us safe and healthy. Be sure to engage Angela (Master Herbalist, Naturopath, Certified Holistic Aromatherapist) and David (Certified Natural Health Professional, Massage Therapist, Life Councilor) at the market for a liberating natural health consultation… and as always try and buy the premium hand-made organic products available!Namaste,
David and Angela Harrison
OBVITA Organics

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