New Vendor Inquiry

Prospective Vendors Applicants

 We are not accepting any new applications at this time

The process for applying to the market is as follows:

  • Potential vendors may download the application (when new vendors are needed).
  • Applications received to the office get processed to the New Vendor Committee. The New Vendor Committee reviews the application as to whether it fits the focus of the market. Please see below the categories.
  • If the New Vendor Committee feels that the vendor and product are a fit and space is available, applicants are invited to do a presentation at a future board meeting to the SFMV Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors will vote that night of the meeting. Applicants are notified within two business days of their decision.

Once approved as a new vendor, you will be required to do a Manager’s Walk Thru of the market prior to starting. It includes vendor parking, set up times, rules and regulations.

Please continue to consult the website for updates and/or changes to this list.

•  Agriculture


It is the Sarasota Farmers Market’s vision to blend vendors into our community to create a special market atmosphere. Our past success has shown us that we are seeking unique local items. While many applicants feel that they are the perfect fit for the market, it may in many cases not fit our focus. Our goal here is to outline a general framework of what we see in our vision of what a farmers market should include. Please keep in mind that we are not a craft show or a flea market and we carefully select items that meet our focus as a farmers market.

The Sarasota Farmers Market gives priority to vendors who can provide locally grown produce and plants, hand made prepared foods, and hand crafted products in the following categories:

• Produce  •  Plants & Flowers  •  Prepared Food  •  Artisans

Vendor Saturation: It is our recommendation that all applicants carefully distinguish your product against existing products at the market before applying. Unique food items that are not currently at the market will be given greater priority.

Local Farms: We are very interested in cultivating relationships with local farmers as well as supporting the expansion of their sales in Florida. Local farmers willing to commit to 52 weeks per year are given special consideration for market approval.

Produce Resale: Currently we are not accepting additional produce resellers.


• Local Growers: Priority is given to local growers
• Plant Vendors: Evaluation is based on the sole character of their plants, and how unique the plants are compared to existing plant vendors at the market.

Prepared Foods

Locally prepared or packaged organic and/or natural foods. Products include: spices, dressings, jellies, jams, dried or pickled fruits & vegetables, nuts, baked pastries, coffee, tea, breads, muffins, bagels, desserts, cakes, pies, scones, strudels, cupcakes, cheeses, dairy, meat, seafood, on site prepared food and beverages.

Our focus on crafts demands that the craft is connected to food and plants. We are currently looking for specific crafts that use local plants or produce in their products. Craft vendors are an enhancement to the core products at the market, as they provide variety and vibrancy to the market. Crafts must be made by the vendor themselves. Items for resale are not accepted. The craftsman must be present at the market. Local craftsman include: potters, candle and soap makers, wood workers, glass specialists, knife sharpening, metal fabricators, unique plant and garden related items that compliment the market.