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Welcome to Andor’s Cake World! My name is Andor Budai. I live in Bradenton with my lovely wife, Kandace and our son William. I grew up in Serbia very close to Hungary and spent a lot of time there since my family is Hungarian. My mom and dad (Rose and Peter) are baking cakes and pastries for a living in Europe. I learned everything from them.

Where does the name “Cake World” come from? We have always been experimenting with new and old recipes from different countries and cultures from all around the world. Now we are proud to make the famous “Dobos cake” from Hungary, “Black Forest cake” from Germany, “Tiramisu” from Italy, “Roses cream pie” from Serbia, Reform cake from France and much more. The best thing about all the cakes is that we make every part of the goodies from scratch and use only good quality ingredients. No artificial sweetener, no substitutions, only homemade fillings and creams. Our slogan is Quality over quantity.