Bambooty Bodygear

Joe Monach and his wife Andrea Meythaler

Make up Bambooty Bodygear.  They design, manufacture and hand dye a complete line of Bamboo Fiber Clothing and Accessories.  They chose bamboo fiber  because it is a natural performance fabric and a natural alternative to the synthetic technical fabrics on the market today.   

This company is based in Venice Florida where they have their own production studio. “We started our company in 2012 with one product  and have since grown our line to over 40 different products. We are constantly evolving and striving to offer a quality product and presentation  We are excited to be offering our product here at the Sarasota Farmers Market and look forward to seeing you. “Love The Feel, Feel The Love”"

Why Bambooty?
All of our clothing is made from bamboo fiber. An eco-friendly natural performance fabric that feels amazingly soft, wicks sweat 3x better than cotton, wears cooler by several degrees, has an SPF of 50 and is naturally anti-microbial, meaning it will not grow the bacteria that creates odor such as mildew or body odor. The advent of our natural dyes, beautiful patterns and proprietary designs create a one of kind look that will have you looking fabulous as well as feeling fabulous. Great for both summer and winter activities the bamboo will create a static comfortable body temperature as the fabric breathes with your own body regulation.   “Love The Feel, Feel the Love”

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