Dream Earth Bowls

Hi, I'm Ashley, I'm the founder of Dream Earth Bowls, Online Business Educator and Registered Yoga Instructor. I founded Dream Earth Bowls in 2019 in Honolulu Hawaii after meditating on the meaning of fulfillment. I came up with the name 'Dream Earth' by going on a discovery to find out what my 'Dream Life' looked like. I then envisioned Dream Earth Bowls, a natural cafe that reminds others to pursue their dreams, artisans crafting delicious superfoods in a positive environment, and helping to end world hunger. Contact me through my Instagram: @Dreamearthbowls

Refresh and recharge with new vendor Dream Earth Bowls. Ashley makes four different acai and coconut smoothie bowls with a wide range of superfood toppings for customers to customize their bowls to their liking. Her bowls are dairy-free, and do not contain any added sugars, fillers, or preservatives. All of their supplies are eco-friendly and biodegradable.


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