Haraki Gordon Green Tea

Owner: Izumi Haraki Gordon

We pride ourselves on providing high quality, natural, healthy Japanese green tea which grown by our families and relatives in the same region in Shizuoka, Japan.  It is our mission to directly connect with you as an end customer to supply the freshest green tea possible on the market today.    2019,  we are moving forward to Masanobu Fukuoka style natural farming !  It may take well over 10 years to convert but it's worth it!  To learn about natural farming, check: masanobu fukuoka natural farming method

Green tea, tea pots, and tea cups. Please call 309-721-6530 for arrangements of product pick ups.

Instagram: @hggreentea

Email: contact@hggreentea.com

Alternative Email:  hggreentea@gmail.com

Haraki Gordon Green Tea



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