Kettle Cornball

Casey Walton started Kettle Cornball in 2011 during the recession – out of not only necessity but also his love of cooking. 

Working in the signage industry all his life, Casey built his first cooker from his very own patented sign extrusion. Originally from Iowa near the Jolly Time popcorn factory, it was a perfect fit.

Casey started selling his delicious kettle corn on 17th Street in Sarasota. Over the years Casey’s wife, Kim, and daughters, Elly and Chloe all got involved with the family business. 

The kettle corn is popped fresh daily. It’s a delicious, whole grain, gluten free, dairy free, nut free snack with no trans fats, preservatives or artificial colors. Just four simple ingredients to make “the Best Kettle Corn this Side of the Mississippi!”

They also offer lightly salted popcorn for those who like things “Not Sweet”, and a flavor of the week which is often Chipotle (“Sweet” or “Not Sweet”) for those who like it HOT.

“We love to experiment with flavors so come by and tell us your favorites!” – Kim and Casey Walton


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