Maggie's Seafood

Maggie’s Seafood has been delivering delicious seafood at local farmers markets for over 25 years! We set up each week at several different farmers markets in Sarasota County, Florida to bring you the freshest seafood around.

All of our fish is inspected, cleaned, and packaged for sale by us in our state certified commissary.  The fish are either caught by local boats for us or shipped in fresh by a few select seafood wholesalers with outstanding reputations.  Either way, we know the history of each fish we sell, from the time it was caught to the location it was caught.

We bring all of our seafood in just for the markets. This means that there is never any fish sitting around the store for a few days growing old.

This is how Maggie's Seafood manages to have the freshest seafood week after week.

Maggie's Seafood


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