Mr Fun Guy Mushrooms

If you're interested in learning more about mushrooms and their various uses, William Nelms, also known as "Mr. Fun Guy," is your go-to person. Nelms specializes in selling a variety of gourmet mushrooms including maitake, shiitake, crimini, Portobello, oyster, lobster, morels, and chanterelles. 


Nelms has extensive experience as a chef in the Philadelphia area, where he worked at the world-renowned Le Bec Fin Restaurant. He has also worked as a chef in Martha's Vineyard and Fort Myers Beach. 


Nelms' journey into the world of mushrooms began when his brother married into a family that owned a mushroom company. They asked him to sell mushrooms in the Sarasota area, and that's how he became a fungi expert. Nelms researched and discovered the various health benefits of mushrooms, such as their nutritional and medicinal value. 


According to Nelms, some mushrooms, such as the lobster mushroom and the maitake (Hen of the Woods) mushroom, offer unique and unexpected flavors. Additionally, certain mushrooms, such as the chaga mushroom, have purported health benefits. Chaga mushroom tea, which Nelms sells, is one of his most popular items. Customers report that it helps with sleep, energy levels, and digestive issues. 


Nelms grows the majority of his mushrooms indoors at a facility in Fort Pierce. However, he also carries morels, which are foraged in the wild, and lobster mushrooms, which are shipped overnight from Washington state. Nelms' mushrooms are sold at various farmers' markets such as the Venice Market on Saturdays, the Phillippi Creek Market on Wednesdays, and the Englewood Market on Thursdays. Additionally, his mushrooms are used by local restaurants such as Pomona and Lila in Sarasota and Zeke's in Englewood. 


Some people are hesitant to eat mushrooms because they have only tried the bland, plastic-wrapped variety found in supermarkets. Nelms advises that mushrooms should be fresh and uncovered for the best taste. He recommends roasting mushrooms with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar for 20 minutes in a 375° F oven. Nelms also suggests cooking mushrooms in dishes such as mushroom bisque soup and portobello mushrooms stuffed with crab imperial and topped with raspberry jam and horseradish to maximize their nutritional benefits.

Mr Fun Guy Mushrooms


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