My Backyard Babies

My story is about roots. And succulents. And how a casual succulent hobbyist became a serious grower. Succulents reproduce in amazing and ridiculous ways. Broken stems and leaves separated from plants don’t just fall off and die. They create new miniature plants, sprouts roots, and keep on growing. Propagating succulents became my OCD obsession and the more "babies" I made, the more I had to have. It didn’t take long before I ended up with thousands and thousands of babies. “You gotta do something with all these plants!” said my nurseryman father. As reluctant as I was to part with my babies, my dad was right, so I boxed up babies and started selling them at local farmers' markets. I kept cutting stems, pulling leaves, and making babies. Along the way I met other “good crazy” succulent lovers. Together, we found a community, I found my calling and My Backyard Babies was born. If you’re a succulent superfan and can relate to our story, reach out to learn more about selling babies at your local farmer's markets.


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